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Long Distance Charges
Make sure the access numbers are local to your calling area since you will be responsible for all long distance charges. You may verify the number with your local phone company.
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Finding the Best Exchange for You

When you access AT&T, your modem is actually placing a telephone call. Since you are responsible for all telephone costs associated with your household's use of AT&T, make sure you're using the number that's best for you. With certain calling plans, distance is not the sole criterion in determining cost. When in doubt, check with your local telephone company to determine which AT&T access number to use.

Many of our new access numbers are in new exchanges (if you are calling the number 914-555-1212, "555" is the exchange). These new exchanges are frequently not yet listed in phone books. When you call your phone company, make sure you ask them whether the town or city where our access number is located is a local call for you ("Can I call Yonkers, New York as a local call?"). Simply asking if the specific area code and exchange of the access number is a local call ("Can I call 914-555-xxxx as a local call?") may not provide you with the information you need.

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